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Feature Request - Adornment-grid configurator (calendar & more)

HI @eastgate,

This is in context to post Create Adornment Grid

I’d like to request for

As put in better words by @mwra
Really what you are asking for is a calendrical adornment grid creator (the scope might vary, e.g. day-of-week cols and day-date row, or months/years, etc.

I say this because it is more of a grid of adornments than a table and perhaps that is the approach. IOW, define the row and column number (i.e derived from scope, e.g. weekdays, day-dates, months, etc.) and whether rows or columns are on top—i.e. the front-to-back ‘z’ axis order.
Viewed in this wider context, an adornment-grid configurator might be a neat tool as I can see it might help those doing course/syllabus panning, as well as more satisfying meal planning.

Idea is to quickly generate a grid (0ne of many example)


I‘d love to see the experts in this forum helping out to bring this cool idea to the next level.

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