Feature Request: Enhancements to Hyperbolic View


I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve been working with the Hyperbolic View and have come across a couple of areas that could be improved (2):

  1. It would be helpful to have a tick box that allows us to quickly select or deselect all link types in the Hyperbolic View. This small addition could save a lot of time and make the tool more user-friendly. Just UI improvement, what’s more important for me and possibly for more user is the 2nd request.
  2. Ability to filter out aliases/ original notes in the Hyperbolic View. In my case, It would help to clear the hyperbolic view where I have multiple notes (original and aliases) connecting to the same note.

I believe these enhancements could make the Hyperbolic View even more powerful and intuitive.



These make sense. Don’t forget that posts here are just speaking to the user community. So, for a definite proposal such as you have, don’t forget to email tinderbox@eastgate.com explaining your proposal and rationale so that it gets noted.