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Feature request for aTbRef-8.tbx Scrolling (or linking)

Dear Mr.Mark Anderson,
Thanks in advance.
Give me a piece of advice.

Feature request.
Hold the link in the data transfer state will be synchronized with scrolling.
There aTbRef-8.tbx stand in long line when I render into Japanese.
I finished almost every items, but then an ocean of linking are not yet on the horizon.

I would like to take effective measures for mutual linking transactions.
In Text Window, The window display the note’s $Text and Key Attributes table.
how could I add as a destination address with in?
If I could get this address that will bring to have curative properties against my lacking of effective mechanisms.
When I get on an original word (e.g. ) , OnMouse Over,
[/A Tinderbox Reference File/Windows/Document Window/View pane/Map view] , in display frame read-in.

It take a lot of work to traverse
from Item A[ Map ] to Item B [Map view].
cross-index :
To TBX documents.png (piece of cake)
LongWay to Linking.png (bring up)
I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
Respectfully, WAKAMTSU kunimitsu

Look at Ziplinks as they may help.

As I have explained, aTbRef has a lot of similar named notes so it is likely you will need to scroll the outline anyway.

If it seems like a lot of work, I would say yes. It has been for me too! Indeed, I’ve rebuilt nearly all the links several times over due to a—rare occurrence—bad beta (not release) that messedy up links. So, I do understand the work involved. :slight_smile:

Dear Mr.Mark Anderson,
I will start Ziplinks with a certain intention and observe the teachings of your pointing out.
I think your work really deserves to be admired.
I think we should all applaud it.
Respectfully, WAKAMTSU kunimitsu(With gratitude.)

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You are most kind. Much of the effort is me simply repaying the kindness of strangers helping me in lots of other places.

Dear Mr.Mark Anderson,
I really appreciate your ready assistance.
I hope you have been well.

Ziplinks : I provide a transplant for Ziplinks’ Note from your latest aTbRef.tbx into my aTbRef-8.6J.tbx which translated Japanese with in.

I am going to ask you a question.
I have something on my mind for practicable solution what procedure used.
What else do I need?
Or not uses anything else, except Ziplinks’ Note itself ?
Thank you very much for your advice.
Truly Yours. WAKAMATSU kunimitsu