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Feature request: make it easier to change block color

The context menu has options for a few attributes like “shapes” which makes it easy to pick one of those without going into the inspector and “using lots more mouse clicks”.

I find myself changing the colors of notes quite frequently, so would like to throw in my vote for adding some sort of quick picker to the context menu for this.

(there is some precedent for this: it is possible to easily pick text highlight color!)

Thanks in advance,

The colour of a note is easily changed-in as many mpuse actions as in tusing a context (sub-) menu via the Appearance/interior Inspector.

Yes but those are for $Text, not the colour of the map icons (or note entry in other views). So are you trying to change $Color or style $Text as it’s now a little unclear. :slight_smile:

Re shortcuts:

  • For highlighting selections in $Text, see here.
  • For colouring selections in $Text, see here.

Gicven how heavily used the range of available shortcuts is—see here—it might be hard to have shortcuts, even just for all the named colours.