Feature requests for the Outline view

I would like to submit two feature request for the outline view. They both would help when working with larger notes and Action Code in TBX. Both are relevant for the outline view only:

  • if I don’t click on a note somewhere in the outline view, I don’t want the focus to disappear from the previously selected note. The previously selected note should remain selected until I click on another note. A click on the empty area in the outline view should be ignored. I think I don’t need the “no selected note” mode and when working in a different app and jump back to TBX I often loose the focus on the formerly selected note.
  • If I select a note I would like to open the text view of the note with the scroll position it had when I open the note the last time. For long notes currently I have to find the position I was working on and since I have to switch between notes a lot, this is time consuming

Oh, man! Storyspace used to do this. Users hated it. Others insisted that it was the only thing to do.

Good times.

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Maybe I tested this wrong, but it seems that Storyspace still does the remember-the-scroll-position thing.

I believe in Storyspace that link following sets the scroll position, as in Tinderbox.

It might be an option in Storyspace. It was a turbulent era.

Not to be difficult, but I’d be regularly inconvenienced (and likely put in a feature request) if I couldn’t deselect all in outline view! As long as there’s a designated place within the outline view pane to click (discrete from any shortcut) to deselect all, then it’s fine. So, currently it is before first item/after last item, i.e. the blank space in the . I’d be fine with a designated space in the view (regardless of scroll/hoist state) that was a deselect all. A shortcut isn’t a help in this context as my muscle memory doesn’t use shortcuts for this regular task.

Hmm. I do wonder if we are fixing the real problem? When switching app focus clicking in the Tinderbox view pane sets focus on the (unintentionally) clicked item … IOW, the note under the click.

So @webline’s problem is that clicking is less about the losing focus than the fact that clicking into (as in taking focus in) the view pane of the Tinderbox front window sets the app focus on the note under the click.

I’m a bit conflicted here as in most cases I want the clicked-on item to take focus. But, I do see the alternate use case of simply setting app focus with the first click.

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