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Fetch an RSS feed

TI tried fetching an RSS feed and am getting errors. Thoughts on how to make this work?

Just had a play, using the forum feed, and it looks like it downloads and does a little formatting of the feed. Basically it does what I expected (actually slightly more than --my memory told me it would give unformatted code).

Is the feed working (i.e. if you put it in your usual RSS reader, does it come up OK)?

Ah, perhaps I spoke too soon; after leaving it alone for a few minutes, it’s now giving an “Autofetch couldn’t retrieve a note” error.

But again, if I create an entirely new feed (MacSparky this time), then it does work as expected.

What feed?


I’ve tried multiple feeds, can’t seem to get any of them to work. I must be doing something wrong.

OK, I’m certainly not an expert in this (I read RSS elsewhere, and don’t need to slice-and-dice with tinderbox), but feed address in the URL and turn on autofetch works nicely.

I’ll attach an example.temp rss test.tbx (259.8 KB)

This is just the forum feed, as macsparky has far too many large images to be helpful here. This works for me on 8.9.2

I see, I was doing it wrong. I was using autofetch command and not the URL. Works now. Thanks.

Yes, $AutoFetch simply tells the current note to auto-fetch the resource stored in $URL.

Yup…get that now. Kinda feel stupid, but there you go. :slight_smile:

Not really, many things are non-obvious before the fact. :slight_smile:

As it is, i misremembered: auto-fetch can pull from other resources as well as $URL - see here. $URL was the original use case, but it’s broadened over time.