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Fill for title area of a container?

I am trying to set the Fill of a note. Setting $Fill works for non-containers, and $MapBackgroundFill for the inner map of the container.

Is there any way to fill the title? In particular, if I set $TitleHeight = $Height, how to fill the note?

I can confirm this and have reported it on another channel. This looks like an oversight but for now there is no workaround.

With the latter point in mind, what purpose does the $Fill provide in your document? Perhaps some other visual styling attribute could be used for now.

And, just like that, we have issue #3000.

Thanks, @mwra.

My document contains various kinds of entities (books, schools of thought, theories, researchers, arguments).

Consider two notes of the same type. One has additional details and child notes, the others doesn’t. I was striving to make them visually almost similar (i use $Height = 1.1 * $TitleHeight) to get an edge at the bottom.

I can, instead, rely a bit more on badges. Here is an example of the delightful surprises and nuggets that TB has; I did not know that any unicode character can be a badge. Opens up many possibilities since the Unicode bestiary is vast and growing.


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Thanks for that. Map view has a lot of visual affordances you can use, though use them all at once might get a bit busy. As well as badges, take a look at flags. flags are a map-only feature but do allow you to show multiple things. I’d say >5 for a note will get unwieldy but as each flag can be customised, there’s scope to pack a lot of info there.

Don’t forget to fly your $Flags, too.