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Filter the type of links seen in the Link Parking Space

I’m building an rich industry ecosystem mapping Tinderbox with organization, products, features, benefits, definitions, articles & stories, etc. all linked together. I’m finding that the Link Parking Space dialog can be hard to use when notes have similar names, e.g. Antivurs which relates to a feature and Antivirus when it relates to a definition.

Is there anyway, or might it be possible in the future, to have the Link Parking Space have a filter so that it only searches for links based on Prototypes or a String?

Although it doesn’t address the filter problem directly, I would commend a method that quite a few people seem to use. That is using a different and consistent note naming style for objects like prototypes. The exact choice varies, a common method is to give your prototypes a consistent prefix character. This makes the prefixes sort together and it helps further of the prefix is something unlikely to be used in a 'normal ’ note name. Examples for a prototype “Thing” might be “pThing” or *Thing", etc.

Using this method the first two characters are likely to cut down (start of ) string matches a lot.

I’ve also learned over time to think a little about naming in general. Tinderbox can happily deal with notes of the same name (as they all have a unique $ID) but such things can bite if, for instance, you try to use action code to find a note or act on it using only the name. In most cases Tinderbox will pick the first $Name match by $OutlineOrder unless it has a full path for disambiguation.

That makes a lot of sense. I’ll do that. Thanks.