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Find and Replace for Kindle Highlights import

I’ve finished reading a kindle book and have copied all the kindle highlights into a TBX file.

The start of each highlight follows the pattern: Highlight (yellow) - Page 200 · Location 3942

This is useful for exploding the text as I can use the term “highlight”. However, once complete I’d like to find and replace:

Highlight (yellow) - Page 200 · Location 3942
to become:
Page 200 · Location 3942

I cannot figure out how to accomplish this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I did this myself some time ago, but I found it easier to strip out the extraneous text in a word processor before putting it into Tinderbox. Applications like Nisus Writer Pro have more sophisticated Find/Replace, and it makes the job a lot easier.

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You need to delete the custom delimiter option. So, here is my text note’s $Text:

Now set up the Explode pop-over:

Note that as your delimiter Highlight (yellow) - contains characters with regular expression meaning (here, the parentheses) we must escape them with back-slashes. Set the rest of the pop-over as desired and explode.

I get the result:


Does that help?