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Find notes that have a value in an attribute

This one should be simple, but I can’t seem to figure it out. If I have an attribute $APIType. How do I find all the notes here the “has a value” argument is true?

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“Chagrined emoji” … see I told you it was obvious. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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For any type of attribute the query:


is true if the attribute AnAttribute has a locally set value (this can also be tested with hasLocalValue(). This was added for the case where the user mistakenly set an attribute in an note using a prototype rather than in the prototype, but as here may be used more widely.

In the past it was possible (per the previous post) to, for instance, to set a local value of "" (i.e. no string) for string-type attributes. But in recent versions (version?+) if a note is set to a value matching the default - i.e. setting a String with default "" to "" the attribute is treated as inheriting (which makes sense)

So, having given the background, an agent of:


Will match all notes with a value for $APIType. It matches both prototypes and notes using that plus any with a locally set, non-inherited value. If we query:


we get the same. But likely in your case we want to match prototypes with a value for $APIType and notes with a local $APIType but not those inheriting one. So try:

$APIType & $Prototype==""

This will give you prototypees with a value for $APIType and notes with a value for $APIType which is not inherited from a prototype.

Does that help?

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Corrected…yes, it does help and work…(was not patient enough to let the agent run). I was not familiar with a non-attributer action without a $. Cool, thanks.