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Finding agents, rules etc

How do I find agents, rules and edicts that are performing tasks I no longer want (or can’t remember why I wanted that in the first place)? I am finding notes moved to another folder shortly I assign them a particular prototype, but I can find nothing in the prototype itself that is doing it. It probably seemed a good idea at the time, but I now realise I shouldn’t have moved the thought, just had the agent collect it as an alias, as per its default way of doing things. I feel sure there’s an easy way of figuring out what is going on, but I can’t think what it is.

Many thanks in advance. I must remember to do Tinderbox daily so I don’t forget these things.

One approach is to make an agent that looks for rules

AgentQuery: $Rule!=""

You might also look for edicts

$Rule!="" | $Edict != ""

If you want to find agents:


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Another approach is to open up the attribute browser and display the Rules, Actions, and Edicts attributes. You can see which notes have these values populated, and then modify them.

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thanks, Mark @eastgate and Michael @satikusala, much appreciated. (Really enjoying your videos, Michael, by the way.)

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Building on the first answer, if you formalise to using prototypes, then often your code will, by intent, be in prototypes. If looking for stray code, e.g. edited in a note rather than its prototype, you can revise the above queries:

$IsPrototype==false & ($Edict!=="" | $Rule!="")

Now only non-prototype notes with an edict or rile will match the query. Same for agent queries, OnAdd action, etc.

In this context, hasLocalValue) can also be useful for finding attribute values (action code or other types) that is set locally in a note. This allows you to find notes that might not be inheriting code/values you intended but using a local value instead.

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