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Flags are inconsistent colors

Hi I find the colors of flags are inconsistent, not always appearing the same even with a similar background or color pallette. For example all the flags below have the value “red” and yet appear thus:
Is there something I’m doing wrong? It’s not just with red but most colours don’t appear as they should (the red one that is actually red is an anomaly which prompted me to see if there was a reason, and I can’t find one in the forums.)

Thanks as ever.

The ‘SMEs’ note’s flag looks to be the orange-red shade of an ‘undefined’ colour. For instance, this test seems to replicate the effect:

This is a reminder of the fact that named colours in Tinderbox are case-sensitive. ‘Red’ is not the same as ‘red’ (the latter a predefined named colour), ‘RED’ would be a third discrete colour if used. As ‘Red’ is not defined in the text doc, the flag shows the ‘undefined’ colour value; the latter isn’t a formally defined colour but the shade shown if no colour is defined—presumably a bright red so as to indicate an error.

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Mark, @mwra, thanks for this, and you’re right. I should have thought of that!



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