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Flags in outline view


I am floating this as a potential feature request.

Personally, I would find it really useful to be able to see the flags that I use for notes in map view also in outline views. Potentially one way of doing this might be to change the behaviour of column views, so that the field for $Flags doesn’t show the literal code, eg. F.black, etc. but rather the image of the flag itself - a white F character on a black background.

I don’t know if that is a headache in coding terms, as these are not necessarily characters that can easily be called up in a text string. It would be a nice feature to have, though.

all best wishes,


As column view is a non-default part of outline view, are you asking $Flag to be rendered as a flag—as opposed to the source (text) value of $Flag—in column view or in normal outline view too?

As $Flags can have multiple flags varying in number per note, really the only sensible place to show them is after (to the right of) the title which is so close to outline view as to be the same. So, if taken forward (IIRC similar suggestion has been made) it makes sense to do this within column view mode only.

If taken up, I’d suggest the column config pop-up allow the choice of toggling render-vs.code via an entry in the tried box as already used differently for number of decimal places or date string formatting, etc. as sometimes you very much want to see the code and not the render, e.g. when the render fails due to usr input error

Mark - thanks for expanding. That is exactly what I had in mind.

It would be useful for qualitative analysis where many notes might have multiple combinations of flags. One would be able to quickly ascertain patterns that come up in agent searches when they are displayed in outline view.

One could also use flags like this to quickly indicate list items that require different kinds of follow-up actions. I can see many applications.


+1 from me.