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Floating Text Window Question/Request

Hello friends, I’m a newbie to Tinderbox (in fact this is my first post) so it may be presumptuous that this should be a feature request (I think… please correct me).

I have found the Text Window (Opt-Command-X) to be an incredibly useful feature, especially on smaller screens. But there are some things about the window’s behavior that (at least for me) negate much of its usefulness:

  1. In my use case, the primary purpose of the text window is to visualize a note’s text field while remaining in map view, and especially to compare the text of two notes while still dedicating most of my screen real-estate to map view. Sometimes it’s easier to move the text window around with a mouse to reveal map details than it is to toggle the view text sidebar and lose half the map.

The problem is that clicking on the map to do anything brings it to the fore, hiding any open Text windows, which then must be (rather laboriously) brought back to the fore by selecting them from the Window menu. That’s a lot of mousing around, and, for me anyway, significantly reduces the value of the feature. (please let me know if there is a better way of accomplishing this) I would much prefer that text windows be set up to be permanently floating in the foreground, though no doubt others may find reasons to object to that behavior.

  1. Due to the fact that I often find myself with open text windows hidden by my main map window, I have sometimes opened the text window of the same note multiple times. Here I’ve discovered that, if a note’s text window is already open, re-opening does not bring the open one to the fore, but instead opens another instance of the same note, and I occasionally find myself closing multipe instances of the same note I did not realize I had open. I don’t understand the logic of this behavior, as it seems inconsistent with standard Mac window behavioral conventions.

Either I’m missing something, or this is actually a feature request. If indeed what I have described is just the way things are, my suggestions would be that Text Windows be permanently floating in the foreground and that the Opt-Command-X command operates as a toggle switch for selected notes, opening and closing a single instance of the pane for each note.

My final observation with regards to the floating window is that it would be a big help if the note’s title were editable in its menu bar. I often find myself wanting to rename my notes as a result of editing them, and the fact that I cannot easily do that in the Text Window takes away some of the joy. (I recognize that I could ad the Name attribute to the list and edit it there, but that’s a little kludgy).

Am I missing something?