Foldable list item in text editor

There is one feature in many (not all) note-taking apps that I simply cannot function without–the ability to make foldable/collapsible lists (outlines) within the text.

Tinderbox seems to be one of those applications where that function is unavailable. At least I have not found a way to do that.

Is this functionality something that could be added to Tinderbox?

Yes. Outline view is used for outlines.

I recall this being raised in the past and implementing it is not simple (so is the engineering cost warranted simply for feature parity).

Apart from familiarity (i.e. what we are used to doing), what is the benefit over Outline view?

With my experience with Tinderbox, Outline view is the management of the notes themselves. What I am referring to is having collapsable, bullet-point, outlines within the text attribute within the note itself.

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Seeing as we don’t have the folding outline feature in $Text, are using using some other approach – such as using Bike or Dynalist or some other outliner with the feature, and copy-paste the text to Tinderbox?

Yes, I can paste in an expanded outline from another outliner app (Logseq for example), but when added to Tinderbox, the outline is not collapsable. Other than individual “blocks” in a true outliner app having other linking functionality, one of the benefits of collapsable outlines is to hide indented content when appropriate.

It looks like you need to make a feature request (i.e email explaining your proposal as that functionality isn’t currently availalbe.

Hmm, I think that’s a rather subjective judgement. The Tinderbox community have been happily getting by without this for 24 years. Anyway, I think there’s nothing more the user community can do with this thread as the feature needs a design change to the app. HTH.

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Thank you for your consideration and advice. In the interim, I will just use Tinderbox for one use-case application that I have where complicated formatting of the $Text attribute is not a requirement for me.

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Thanks. Good luck.