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Font color in outline view

Is there a way to change the font color when using the Outline view? On my Mac, the page is a slight off-white, and the font is a pale grey-blue. Sort of hard to read. I cannot seem to get the font color to change: I would like it to be black. Not a highlight color, the font itself.
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Try ‘Black Titles’ in Document Settings (Cmd+8) ▸ Outlines.

Magic! Thank you very much,

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Is is possible to change the text color of individual note titles in the outline to any color I want? I found $OutlineBackgroundColor in another post, but I would just like to change font color.

When I change the not tile color in map view, it changes, but that color doesn’t seem to transfer to the Outline View.

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 3.06.47 PM

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The colour ($Color) of a note title in Outline view is the same colour as used for the title of the note in Outline view.

The Inspector control you show in your screen grab is setting $NameColor which changes the title colour in map view only.

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Oh, I see, I think what you meant was that the color of a note in Map view is the same color as the title of the note in outline view.

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Yes. My apologies if I didn’t make that clear. The way I think of it, is that the colour of the title an outline (or chart, etc.) item is the default fill (not $Fill!) colour of a map icon. $NameColor is to allow the user to set a non-default coloured title on a map icon, as seen only in map view.

Hmmm - I’m trying to set the color of the title in the outline view using the $Color attribute - but nothing happens - the value of the attribute is not reflected in the color of the text or the color of the icon.
And if possible I would like to choose a different color for the badge icon and for the text in outline view…

Check Document Settings/Outline, I’ve a hunch you’ll see the ‘white titles’ ticked. This is because it is set in the colour scheme (TBC) file’s code:

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that did it :wink:

I’m looking to try and get some standardisation of color scheme settings. A weakness at present is they save an (undocumented)) number of settings like above but if they need to for that scheme. This is problematic if changing to a new scheme that doesn’t reset some extra customisation from the previous scheme.

In other words, the TBX ‘schema’ should—in my opinion(!)—hold a default value for all non-customised elements. That won’t affect documents in use but it will help going forward and make it easier to experiment with different colour schemes. It will also avoice issue like the above which are only obvious(?) once you know. :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I’m returning to Tinderbox after a long hiatus and am struggling to relearn some of the basics. In outline view, I’d like to use colors to convey a hierarchy of notes. I’d like the top-level hierarchy to have a black background and white text. When I set $OutlineBackgroundColor to black (#000000), the background just remains grey. Nothing I seem to change anywhere else (in Document Settings, etc) seems to allow me to set the $OutlineBackgroundColor to black. Any advice?


From this article:

Outline layout has been revised to use $Color more attractively. If a note uses a $Color other than the document’s default colour, the entire area of the note is tinted translucently with that colour. $OutlineBackgroundColor to tint the background behind the note. The tint is also varied in opacity so the degree of colour decreases from top to bottom of the selection highlight.

As a tint of the selected colour is used you never get the fully saturated colour used for the source value.

So in summary, the feature is working as described. When you set:

$OutlineBackgroundColor = "#000000";

You get:

The colour of the note name is in $Colour, so in the above the default $Color Scheme’s $Color (named colour “7”) is not great for contrast. If you set that note’s $Color to “blue”:

You get better contrast, noting that there is a degree of blending of the title colour and the row background colour. Contrast is better when the note is not selected:

Untitled 2022-06-11 09-41-04