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Font Setting for Adorment

In order to set the default font for the Adorment title, I opened Modern.tbc and wondered how to change it.

<textsizenew >16</textsizenew >
<maplinkcolor class="all">black</maplinkcolor>

By the way, the description “AdornmentFont” did not change.


Removed original post as incorrect - see next answer in the thread.

No need to fiddle with XML of either color scheme files or Tinderbox files!

The attribute you want to change is $AdornmentFont. Change the default value of any attribute in the System Attribute pane of the Document Inspector.

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I’ve updated my Notes on $NameFont to cross-refer to optional use of $AdornmentFont.

Not sure how I overlooked that (as $AdornmentFont arrived in v7!)

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Okay, Thanks!

I see, Thanks for your support!

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