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Font Size in Attribute Browser alternates constantly

Good afternoon,

I’m seeing a to me somewhat baffling behaviour in the Attribute Browser and wanted to check if anyone else has experienced this as well:

In the Attribute Browser, the font size of the attribute that I sort by alternates between a tiny and a large font constantly. Whenever I click on some of the notes listed below an attribute entry and then scroll away and back to the note, the font size changes not only for this attribute, but also for some of the others. I’ve added two screenshots taken from my home library project to illustrate the behaviour:

Font large
Font small

Is this normal behaviour? If so, what’s its purpose, and how can I stop this from happening? It makes using the Attribute Browser rather difficult, because I’m having a hard time finding the entries that I’m looking for.

Please send the document to tech support: tinderbox@eastgate.com

Done, thanks for the quick reply. :slight_smile:

Something is amiss with the sizing of summary rows, but it’s not quite clear what. We’re on the case.