Forum loads very slow

Not sure when this started (some weeks ago?), but the forum loads very slow over here. It takes several seconds.

I checked the forum on, it’s reported as ok

Anyone else seeing slow loading?

I’ve seen it intermittently, chiefly in the morning EDT. I can’t imagine what’s the cause.

This probably won’t help but here in the UK (Edinburgh, Scotland specifically) I’m not seeing this and I access the Forum every day.

[FWIW, I’m in Portsmouth, England - very South of UK]

The forum normally loads straightaway for me, though I do leave it open as tab most of the time so i’m only refreshing content (when open the home page auto-updates to show changes. As I’m monitoring the forum most of the time it makes sense to have a tab open—but that’s not for everyone.

Next, if I close the tab and open the site again in a new or existing tab, in the current browser session, again performance remains good.

However, if I close re-open the browser (e.g. to flush out excess memory use) even if I restore previous tabs, I note a set of horizontal dots that I assume is a ‘loading’ indicator. But that’s only there long enough to notice - not a bit delay. That seems recent-ish, in the last year(?). I assume it is all the web-delivered JS libraries for the Discourse software (that runs the forum) loading to the browser. For the rest of that web browser session (i.e. until the browser is next closed completely) the libraries will be cached by the browser.

Lastly, 08:00 (UK, 09:00 CET) is 03:00 US East Coast time. I’m not sure where the forum’s host server is but the (local) middle of the night can be a time when server update/maintenance task can be fitted in. Of course with a global audience ‘middle of the night’ is moot. But, time of (server) day may be a factor.

At that said, the only change I’ve noted is load-from-cold-start (i.e. new browser session) is slightly longer in recent month, which i’d put down to changes in discourse. As a form mod/admin, we’ve not been been altering the way the forum works, though Discourse does get updated occasionally when that app issues a change

HTH. :slight_smile:

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