Fresh install of TB9.3 with new upgrade license key not working


I’m not a regular user of TB and just bought it a few years ago.
Now I would like to use it again, purchesed an upgrade license,installed the current version (9.3) on my macbook and neither using the old license key (this I can understand) nor using the new license key (this is what I don’t understand) works and unlocks the full product.

I’m trying to figure out how the upgrade license knows it’s upgrading an old license without having it installed (and running) before.

Any help/ideas appreaciated.

Hi @felix , welcome to the user-to-user forum. Hopefully we can help.

To set a new code (or update an old one), open Tinderbox v9.3 and use the Tinderbox 9 menu ▸ Preferences (or ⌘+;) which opens the Preferences Register dialog

The layout is slightly different from that shown. Here is my current one (personal details hidden):

In the 3 boxes insert:

  1. Name: you name exactly as used in registration. Press Return key.
  2. Organisation: same, but for your organisation, but leave blank if you didn’t use this in registration. Press Return key.
  3. Registration code. The new code sent to you. Press Return key.

I believe the code entered is checked the values for #1 and #2 above are as per registration. If correct you’ll see the green tick mark, bottom right of the dialog. The Blue text under the code will tell you how many months free updates you have left (here, mine is zero as my last code was a year back).

When you follow those steps (take care you got #1 and the optional #2 data correct) what do you see.

Note: please don’t post your actual registration code in any reply here as it is a public forum.

For more detailed and non-public support email Tinderbox’s Support:

I hope that gets you fixed. :slight_smile:

The most common registration problems are:

  1. Mixing up one’s old and new registration codes
  2. Using a different name (or middle initial) in the registration window from the name on the order. To Tinderbox, F. Laufer and Felix Laufer are different names!
  3. Mistaking the letter “l” and the numeral “1” in the registration code.
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Hi guys,

thanks for your input… as it turned out it was just a typo which was sooo obvious, I just couldn’t see it. Just pebkac or user-iq-too-low error on my side.

Now I’m (again) a happy newbie user of tinderbox. Sorry for the wasted storage space of this post :wink:



You are not the first, nor will you be the last. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(I’ve done this on more than one occasion.)