Future request for an iPad app

I found this recent comment on HackerNews echoed my own sentiments, and wanted to share it here.

In general, having some way to interact with a TBX, even if in some limited (append-only? view-only?) fashion would go a long way, similar to how the “DevonThink To Go” app complements the more feature-full desktop version of DevonThink.

Hi Agam,

Actually, this exists in an indirect way. You can use the Drafts app and, with a bit of AppleScript send your Drafts notes to TBX: Tinderbox Training Video 63- Export Drafts Note to Tinderbox - #5 by webline.


The Apple Notes app combined with Tinderbox’s Watch Folder is also an excellent choice for this.

Notes syncs well across platforms, and opening your Tinderbox project automatically places your source Notes and all changes (Apple Notes can be edited anytime, and updates reflect on relaunch) in your Tbx Watch Folder.

In fact, I’ve even set up a project with simultaneous Finder and Apple Notes Watch Folders. Not sure if it’s kosher, but it works great.