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Gathering and moving original notes

Hi there,

I can gather and manipulate aliases of original notes using agents. How do I gather and move original notes? For instance, I have lots of notes I have marked as $IsSuperseded (a boolean user attribute). How do I get the originals to move from their existing locations to the Superseded “folder”.



I think in this case we actually want


So we move the original note, not its alias.

Where do I put the snippet you suggest? In the Rule field in the Superseded container? BH

You have several choices (as usual in TB):

  • You can create an Agent, which will continually search for items meeting certain criteria. Then in the “action” part of that Agent, you will enter $Container(original)="/Superseded" So it will find notes that meet Boolean or other criteria, and it will move them ;
  • You can create a Stamp, which has the same code in its Action portion. Then you can select certain notes and apply the Stamp to them, with the same effect ;
  • You could also create a Rule, which would move all notes that had a certain prototype or were within a certain container, according to the code above.

My preference order would be:

  1. Create a stamp, since that leaves the re-assignment of the items more directly under your control;
  2. If that works, try constructing an agent to the same effect;
  3. Probably both of those more controllable than a Rule, but all will get you to the same destination.