Geographic Adornments returning anytime soon?

Hi, I was just tinkering with geographic adornments because I will be travelling soon. I tried using the $Lat and $Lon and $Address and $Geocoded Address and everything appears to work. Only thing - no display of the map itself. I was looking at the forum and did find the info that this function is off in TB 9.5.
Is this still the case?
Best regards

No; it was ON in Tinderbox 9.5, and it’s fine in 9.6

One caveat that sometimes arises is that very small adornments do not display a map, because it wouldn’t be particularly useful.

If that’s not the issue, send your example to support at and we’ll see what’s wrong.

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Dear Eastgate-Team,
I have sent a simple TB to your e-mail.

Important detail: geographic adornments must be adornments; a regular note or container with geographic attributes doesn’t display a map.

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Thank you for the quick help - works just fine! I did not realize it has to be an adornment, not a note.

Also, in case not self-evident, adornments are used only in Map view so the feature is essentially map view only.

†. Pedantic footnote: timeline can also show adornments so if your geographical adornment has a start and end date I guess it can show up in a timeline, though I’ve not tried.

Even if geographic adornments could be displayed in other views, it’s unlikely there would be space to show anything meaningful.

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