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Get info repetition display

See this screenshot:

I’m just trying to understand why, if the word ‘want’ appears 128 times, it is only showing me 5 examples in the righthand panel?

My guess is, in these 5 notes, “want” occurs a lot!

If you could send me the document, I’d be happy to take a closer look! bernstein@eastgate.com

This is now working beautifully. I’m just being greedy now but see this screenshot:

Get Info/ Words and then I clicked on the word ‘want’. It nicely brings up all the examples. Would it be possible though to have it show the target word in the right hand box in a different colour or highlighted or something? That would make it even easier to find – but as I say I’m just being greedy in wanting even more.

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Good idea

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and we also need to adjust the colors in the pop-up bar of found words for the dark theme:
scr 2022-09-01 в 15.03.07

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Aha! We’ll check that out.