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Getting search results from DEVONagent into Tinderbox

DEVONagent Pro is a powerful research assistant that I use frequently. I’ve built an AppleScript helper app to get search results from DEVONagent into Tinderbox. The script, which can be downloaded from the link, below, will create an opml file for import into a Tinderbox document.

  1. Download the script, open it in Script Editor, compile and save the compiled script to ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagent/Scripts – you might want to create your own subfolder there to store your scripts
  2. Run a search in DEVONagent Pro
  3. In the DEVONagent Results panel, review the results and optionally delete ones you do not need
  4. If compiled and installed correctly, you will find the script in the DEVONagent “Script” menu item (the scroll icon)
  5. Click the script name in that menu
  6. You will be prompted for a name and location to save the opml file
  7. On completion, drag the file into a new or existing Tinderbox document
  8. The opml file contains a few attributes that you will need to adjust in Tinderbox’s user attribute inspector:

SourceDate – make this into a “date” type attribute. This is the source date of the search result, if the original web author gave the page a source date.
CaptureDate – make this into a “date” type attribute. This is the date and time you captured the search results in the OPML file.
DAscore – make this into a number type attribute OR leave it as a string (it is a decimal with 10 or so significant decimal digits). This is the DEVONagent “score” that indicates how closely the search result matches your search parameters in DEVONagent. (See DA help for more explanation.)

You will want to create a prototype, with those attributes, and assign that prototype to the search result items.

There is one note for each search result item from the DEVONagent “Results” panel. The note’s $Name is the title of the original web page found by DEVONagent. The $Text is a “summary” of that page, created by DEVONagent (see DA help for more info). The other attributes were described above.

You are free to use and modify this script for non-commercial purposes under a Creative Commons license, with attribution.


Thank you very much for sharing!

Yes, thanks much for that. Integrating DA into TB is next on my list. I’ve just finished using TB in teaching an advanced seminar (undergrad) in International Business, and the ability to link into DevonThink Pro Office files (and specific places in files) has been incredible.

Very cool :slight_smile:

I’ve done the OPML export / import thing manually in the past… this will be a big help.

It would be really cool if Tinderbox supported drag-and-drop of DEVONagent results the way it supports DEVONthink items.

So how am I to get the script anyway?

I don’t understand why this would be considered off topic? :frowning:

As a moderator, I’m confused too! Anyway, I’ve moved this to a new sub-forum where scripts are very much on-topic. Now we just need to get the original script back. :grinning: (worst case in a new thread that can reference this one).

I don’t know anything about forum-management rules here, but I was glad to see that script – and have actually put it to use. FWIW.