Ghost busting? (ghostly image of note in map view after cut & paste)

Any help for getting rid of ghost images of notes that follow me around from view to view, once I’ve cut and pasted a note to a new location - see screenshot - or is this a bug rather than a ghost?. It disappears after a quit and restart of Tinderbox.

(MacOS Ventura 13.2.1, Tinderbox 9.5.0)

It’s a bug. If you can reproduce it, that would be great. I’ve seen it, but have not yet been able to track it down.

Thanks for responding. When I have something that helps narrow it down I can send a file where I repeatedly see the issue. At the moment I don’t think I can narrow it down enough to be helpful. Tentative observations are 1) that it doesn’t happen straight away but can happen within an hour of opening a file 2) it may be associated with selecting a small group of notes (which may or may not be linked) cutting them in map view and pasting them inside another note.

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I can now reliably reproduced the issue. I’ve just emailed a copy of the file and steps to create the issue to support.


And it’s fixed.

It turns out that an animated enactment of Edit ▸ Cut could entangle itself with a separate animate triggered by selection.

This should be fixed in the next release.


Very satisfying - Thanks

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