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`Go Back' hoists the Outline

I am creating an organic synopsis for a nonfiction project - it changes - and so am beginning to make a lot of links from the text of this synopsis this to notes in other parts of the document that are relevant. It’s really just to remind me of where I’ve been and where I’m going next.

I have no problem making the links, and when that link is made it is set to `select destination’ so that I can review the linked-to note and maybe add to it. All good. But when I then want to go back to where I was in the synopsis, I find that either way of doing this (hot-key or menu) immediately hoists the outline to the container I am linking from. This means that each time I then have to expand the Outline again in order to make the next link (whenever or wherever that may be). I’ve been with Tinderbox a few years now and don’t remember this before - is it a feature/bug? And is there another way to simply Go Back to the note I have just left and leave the Outline intact?

This is a feature — I remember implementing it, years back, because it was possible that the newly-selected note might not be present in the outline. I believe the scenario involved linking to notes in different windows, a staple of Tinderbox 5 but no longer possible in Tinderbox 8. In any case, we try to avoid situations where the selected note is not in view.

I think this is no longer possible, and would be inclined to discontinue the feature.


Thanks - is there a possible work-around for the time being?

Switching linking to select source should help.

This will be fixed in the next backstage release.

And…the next backstage release is now available backstage

And it works perfectly - many thanks.