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Guides in Maps: horizontal seems more forgiving than vertical

Hi. In trying to make a composite I notice that (for me at least) when aligned vertically, the composite snap is often offset. However, horizontally it’s perfectly aligned. In messing around, I find this is the case with guides in general: vertical alignment is much less precise but horizontal is very forgiving and will snap reliably to the guidelines. But to get vertical alignment will be about a 1-in-10 chance for me.

I ~think~ it might have been more forgiving in the vertical before 7.5, but I haven’t had Tb long enough to say for sure.

Can someone try for themselves and see if they notice that same thing? Here are some animations showing what I mean:





I’ll email support once I get confirmation that it IS or ISN’T like that for other people.

Thanks in advance.

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Confirmed. I see the same behavior as your first animation. This is almost certainly a bug — the guides should perfectly align the notes, but they do not.

Thanks for confirming! I’ve emailed Eastgate.

Ys – there’s something wrong with one of the guides, clearly.

Thanks for confirming. When you get around to a fix, feel free to delete this thread when it’s redundant.

Just downloaded 7.5.5, and the behaviour regarding the vertical guides not lining up persists. Just FYI – a fix mustn’t have made it into this version.