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Handle for note pane

With the introduction of the very useful Links panels, I find myself wanting to manually expand the height of the notes pane upwards into the attributes pane.

Would it make sense to have a handle there, similar to the handle that exists between the outline/map pane to the left side of the window, and the text area on the right side?

To be clear, I mean something like this:

Meanwhile, the KA table can be hidden if needed – either using the disclosure triangle at the upper right edge of the KA table, or via the ⇧⌘K shortcut. See the Windows menu.

That shortcut is a great reminder. Thanks, Paul.

A handle would still be useful so one could consult the most important attributes above the note, but this will help in many instances.

Agree – IIRC this once was possible in early Tinderbox eras, but not in 8.6 or recently.

I guess this argues for an attribute-stored table size for the KA table. As someone who uses attributes /KA a lot and very little $Text I’m keen to avoid diminishing the KA UI simply to ease a $Text display problem. On a laptop screen size, the text pane is having to work quite hard to encompass all we wish to put in there.

Separately, to illustrate the UI control described further above, for those who aren’t used to seeing it.

As stated, the show/hide toggle also has a keyboard shortcut for those wanting to keep their fingers on the keys.