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Handling title case boolean values in CSV import

Minor suggestion: I notice that on import of CSV, a boolean attribute only recognizes lowercase true and false. (actually I only tested title case, not sure about uppercase). I suggest that True and False and TRUE and FALSE should also be recognized.

I’d suggest you sent in a feature request, there is some sense in this (i.e. if the entire contents of an input field == lowercases to true or false). It is also the case that 0 and 1, if imported to an existing Boolean attribute, will coerce to true and false respectively.

In fairness, Tinderbox documents that it uses (only) true and false case-sensitively. So if importing data into Tinderbox it makes more sense to fix the data error at source. Or as so often seems the case, the source is some utility with new real export control, fix the data in a text editor before import. This doesn’t argue against the idea above but: garbage in, garbage out.

See more here and here.

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