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Has anyone tried to prepare a book with illustrations in TB and then publish it in PDF?

What is the easiest way to export TB outline of notes with illustrations inside as a PDF book?

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Yes, this can be done. It is how the PDF version of the Tinderbox manual is produced. It’s a bit fiddly as it involves some post processing of the HTML and needs the open-source wkhtmltopdf tool.

Essentially, you make a single, CSS-styled, HTML page and then use wkhtmltopdf to process it into a PDF. Some post-processing of the Tinderbox exported-html as there is no way—via export code—to turn inter-note links into intra-page jumps.

This is a PDF describing the process using Tinderbox v5. Although the UI has changed the method still works. I’ll try and find a moment to update the Clarify** doc for the new UI. I’ve also added the link to my page of clarify demos: https://www.acrobatfaq.com/tb_clarify/

** Sadly Clarify is 32-bit and discontinued so it likely won’t be able to be run on macOS 10.15+

@Sergey_Glukhov writes (via email):

The problem is that TB doesn’t recognize utf characters, like cyrillic and makes empty links.

Ah, yes, I see:

The issue is that if the target note’s name is in Cyrillic text, the HTML filename value is not generated. Standards are evolving but it seems (slow mobile data not helping) any URL used in HTML tags (e.g. the href value in a link) must urlEncode language characters not in the basic ASCII charset (i.e. >127 decimal). In actual text, e.g. outside/between tags, UTF-8 works fine. Things are further muddled by the fact that modern browsers are apparently getting better as detecting embedded URLs and encoding them on the fly.

I’ll report this.