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Having Trouble with Text Attributes


I was copying and pasting text from the web and ended up with a mix of fonts and font sizes in across my notes (Note: I’ve since discovered I should have been pasting using CMD+Shift+Option+V to strip this formatting).

My collection of notes is still very small so I tried a couple of things.

  1. Used a QuickStamp and set the TextFontSize attribute to a value of 14. The existing fonts across the different selected notes did not change
  2. to test the TextFontSize attribute was working I set it as a KeyAttribute so I could see the text size change as I changed the attribute value. However, even as I changed the value from 10 to 20 to 40 the corresponding text in the note was not changing even though the attribute value is changing?

I am not sure what I am doing wrong and curious as to know how the TextFontSize attribute is meant to work.

Ultimately, what I would like is for any imported text that introduces new fonts, font sizes, paragraph spacing etc to be “cleaned” back to my standard font/paragraph preferences. What would be the most efficient way to achieve this? (other than remembering to press CMD+Shift+Opt+V

Thanks for any help someone can provide

I found this in aTbref which may explain the issue

IMPORTANT: Changes to this attribute affect only those notes with no current $Text. Once anything has been added to $Text, inheritance is broken. Thereafter $Text uses the relevant attribute settings as at the time the text was added; they are effectively ‘baked’ into the $Text. The only way to ‘reset’ text with the wrong $TextFont value is to select the text and apply plain text formatting (Style menu). WARNING: setting plain text resets all $Text styling attributes. It is not possible to ‘reset’ only font but not colour, text size, bolding, etc., as might be otherwise intuited.

Curious to know why the $TextFont attribute is “baked” into the $Text and can not subsequently be changed by changing the attribute value. Is this because this attribute needs other attributes to be updated at the same time (i.e. color, size etc?)

Separately, I have tried to highlight multiple notes and simultaneously change the font to the Standard Font and Size from the Format|Style menu item this is grayed out whenever I select multiple notes. Is there an easier way to apply this change in bulk across a bunch of notes?

I believe so. Bold/italic are rendered using different fonts (i.e. if you don’t have the italic form of a given font, you can’t set text in that font to italics.

There is currently no method to select and reset multiple notes’ $Text. I believe if you change the document’s default $Text font via the preferences or inspector, them all notes using the ‘plain’ old font will switch to the new one (although sections in bold/italic or other fonts won’t be altered).

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Thanks for this Mark.

Is there any way you can change the font and font size of existing notes back to the default in preferences? The only thing I seem to be able to do with the existing notes is to make the font bigger or smaller but even at the individual note level I can’t actually seem to change the font size to a given level?

I feel like I must be missing something here as I would have thought changing the font and font size of notes would be a fairly routine task?

Put another way, if you have a collection of notes with different fonts and font sizes what way would you go about bringing them beck to the same default font and font size in the document preferences?

See the Format, Style menu. Also see this on resetting $Text formatting. Does that help?

Hey Mark,

Thanks for this. Using the Standard Size and Standard Font settings from the FONT|STYLE menu is only allowed when updating a single note. For whatever reason if you select multiple notes this becomes greyed out?

On your second suggestion I have tried changing this system settings but this seems, for me at least, to only change the default settings for new notes (not existing notes).

Given the relatively small sample I had I just went and manually changed this for the ~20 or so notes that had different fonts. Would have been a lot more annoying if I had 100’s of notes.

Still muffed as to why there is no way to change the font/size of multiple notes in a simple way.

Thanks for your help though Mark.

Yes, these controls apply to the $Text of the current selected note [sic], not multiple selections.

I’m not sure then. Perhaps @eastgate can clarify the status quo here.

I hear you. I’ve had to manually check/change >2k notes in aTbref a couple of times. My hunch is it is a difficult balance for the developer, with far more people wanting a word-processor-like text space than those of use who’d trade fewer $Text whistles and bells for better overall control of $Text fonts.

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Thanks for all the help Mark.

It was less about the hassle but more the curiosity as to why text attributes are not able to be controlled. Seems to go against what tinder is all about. I get the issue you would run into if the bold/italics version of the font was not in the library but in this case it would make more sense if there was no response to selecting that particular attribute rather.

Anyway, still love all the flexibility im discovering using Tinder so no big issue.

Thanks again Mark.

Some might say the point of Tinder is flexibility. :laughing:

Tinderbox <cough>, not Tinder. The latter is a whole different type of relationship management :thinking:


hahah…freudian slip!!