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Help - a link sent me to an older version of aTbref. What to do?

This was a question in this weekend’s Tinderbox meet-up. The issue is that aTbRef was first published in 2005 and is now on its eighth baseline (see more) as I create a new website for (generally) every new major version, e.g. v5, v6, v7, etc. Of course links as in this forum, and previous one will point to the then-current version of aTbRef.

All older versions of aTbRef except the v4.5 baseline have a waring banner at the top of all (or almost all pages) like so:

On the v4.5 baseline is is (sadly!) only on the home page (I may yet find a way to fix that).

If you arrive at an old link you have several choices. In a good many places the successive sites’ URL for the same note only differ via the version number. So, say you got sent to:


By changing the ‘46’ of ‘atbref46’ to ‘9’, like so:


you may magically arrive as the current version of the page like so.

If no joy, you will end up at a 404 (missing page) webpage like this. From there you can go the the home page for the latest version.

Or, if still on the original page and with a red banner, the “current version” link will point you to the current aTbRef home page—as at writing, that for v9.

The time poor, or intolerant may roll an eye at this having assumed all old pages would auto-magically find the right new page … in a different website, with a possibly different structure … with a possibly different filename. Bear in mind this is not a database driven website.

Given that it’s not hard to more to the current site, I actually quite like the result of what was a pragmatic solution a few years back. This is because I’d I go to an older forum and see a thread from 2006, like as not any aTbRef links will show me that state of knowledge/features as at that time. Features change over time. just moving from the old page to the new can be a useful prompt that an only source is now very out of date; got instance an old limitation of the OS might have disappeared, of the discussed Tinderbox feature has now been replaced with a newer but different process, etc.

Still, I hope that gives some pointers for anyone who keeps on ending up at the ‘wrong’ aTbRef site!

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