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Help Us With Winterfest!

Next month, we’ll be joining a selection of top developers for WinterFest: the festival of artisanal software. We’d like you to help.

As you know, Tinderbox users are amazing — and they do fascinating work. At the last meetup, I looked at my screen an saw a film director, an industrial analyst, a consulting engineer, a well-known comic book creator, a film director, a UX developer, and more in a single shot.

If you have interesting work and an interesting line of two about Tinderbox — especially alongside DEVONthink, BBEdit, Nisus or Bookends — let’s brainstorm a bit about things like

  • photos of you (or your workspace, your environment, etc)
  • informative quotes
  • perhaps a short Zoom session

Other suggestions welcome!

I would love to help in any way I can. Professionally at the intersection of product development, market development, and business development; these three areas of focus rest on a foundation of academics (I’m a doctoral candidate and professor of marketing).

I, without hesitation, can say that Tinderbox in the last 90 days has increased my productivity, the quality of my work, and has built a lasting asset across all the areas of my focus. In fact, I am doing and accomplishing things through and with Tinderbox that were not previously available to me. At any given time I have five to six open Tinderboxes. Here is a lit of the current efforts I’m successfully managing through and with Tinderbox:

  • Industry ecosystem mapping effort (I’ve even hired my son, taught him Tinderbox, to help me with this effort)
  • Global sales pipeline (deals, people updates, responses, factors sales targets)
  • Meetings & action items
  • Daily [personal] journal
  • Agile product roadmap (think JIRA or ADO:Epics, features, stores, tasks, bugs, backlog), including (website/portal visualizations, user flows, communication matrix, page description, development project management)
  • Tinderbox 101-course development
  • Book Project “The Identity Nexus”
  • My doctoral dissertation (including the mapping fo 50 years of technology adoption theory)
  • Identity Praxis Experts Corner VideoCast program, including the qualitative and quantitative analysis of insights, form each interview and the authoring of supporting blog articles
  • Teaching Mobile Marketing and course development for National University
  • Relaxation, when I have some downtime I play with the tool to make new synapses fire off in my brain and hold impromptu Tinderbox-jam sessions with community members to help them use the tools and to learn more myself

The list goes on. I do about 60%~70% of my work, now, in Tinderbox.

In summary, Tinderbox makes me more productive, creative, professional, and has reduced my stress levels immensely. I’ve learned to trust the tool and the process. Moreover, it is both forgiving and implacable. The balance of these two polls has helped me focus on details that I once glossed over. It has helped me read, and learn, to be better. Finally, I can’t say enough about the Tinderbox community…it is glorious. I’ve made friends, I am accepted but also pushed to be more and better.

I’d be happy to share photos, images, and recorded a zoom session of one or more of any of these activities. Please let me know what you’d like to see and when.

Awesome setup! And brilliant ideas. Looking forward to seeing them realized.