Help with Devonthink Watched Group

I need help setting up a watched group in TB.

The result I’m getting is that notes are created in TB. Then the title of the notes are crossed through and more notes are generated. The process appears to be stuck in an endless loop.


I have a group in DT with one note inside. The note is plain text.
In a new TB file I created a root container there is nothing else is in the TB file.
Added the attribute Watched>DEVONthinkgroup.
Copied the item link of the group.
Added the copied item link as the value for the attribute DEVONthinkgroup
Hit return.

Gradually pairs of notes “Devonthink Note” appear and the title is struck through, whereupon two more notes appear.

Clearly I don’t understand how to apply this process and would appreciate any guidance on how to get this working.

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