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Help With Table Expressions ... TB Crashing ... Toolbar Changes


I have some questions and observations.

First, TB seems to be crashing a lot. I’m using a silicon Mac Mini/11.2.2/16gb ram. By a “lot” I mean that over the past five weeks, with TB open most every day, it’s crashed 5-8 times. This seems to happen whether I’m running a few programs or five programs. Anyway, just an observation.

Second, in my TB document I set the view to show the toolbar. If I close and reopen the document, however, the toolbar disappears and I have to select it again. Should the toolbar, once selected, stick? Is there some other setting I need to adjust?

Third, I created a container w/several notes inside and tried to add a table expression. Yet, after adding $Name (pg. 79 of Getting Started) I don’t see the notes inside the container. So, how do I select the font I want and adjust its size?

Thank You, very much

If you prod any software in the same place where it hurts—albeit without deliberate intent—you tend to get the same outcome. I’m still on 10.14.6 (because, …reasons) so a different OS, but I don’t see a persistent problem with stability with releases and I’ve used every one since v2.3.4. It would suggest your are—inadvertently—doing something no one else is and invoking a crash If you do get crashes, please do send the crash logs to info@eastgate.com (how to find crash and hang logs).

The document toolbar (toggle: Cmd+OptT or View menu) is not sticky, as far as I can tell. That makes sense as there is little need to use it, and on small screens it is sub-optimal of viewable space. Right-clicking any tab’s label allows you to set a new view type. Cmd+T opens the Fonts palette. Colour setting controls in the Inspector, Get Info and Displayed Attributes all let you open a colour palette when needed. If you need the toolbar to be persistent, I’d suggest mailing in a feature request (note: per document or at app level?).

The entry works as described but if you omitted the instructions steps 1–2 on p78 the result will look like this:

To see the table, First drag the container a bit larger than default size (deeper rather than wider):

Untitled 2021-05-11 15-04-37

Then drag down the bottom of the title section of the icon to make the title space larger and reveal the table:

Untitled 2021-05-11 15-07-06

Such controls, as are available for font/colour are described in this article.

Note: with an agent, you pull/expand the title upwards agent containers have the title at the bottom, which makes them more easily told apart from normal containers.

You may find further notes here to be of use.

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Thank you, very much, Mark!

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