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Hide and un-Hide Notes in Map

Hi NG,
I´m a new User of Tinderbox. So sorry if I bother anyone with trivial questions…
Is it possible to hide and un-hide Notes in a Map maybe with a Stamp or Agent Action?

Thanks in advance for your support!
BR Damir

There is no explicit “hide note” feature.

You can

  • move a note to a different container than the one that is in the current map view
  • move the note to a part of the map view that is not seen in the view port
  • use inspectors or a stamp to change the note’s colors (including text) to the same as the map background

The final suggestion is kludgy and will have surprising and unpleasant side effects in other views

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Hi Paul,
thanks for your Support.
I´d like the ‘move to different container’ approach…

Further to @PaulWalters’ list, and before some one suggests it, you could alter a note’s attributes to make it effectively transparent, but like @PaulWalters I would not recommend such an approach. It’s both kludgy to do (transparency features weren’t really added with ‘hiding’ in mind) and leave you with an invisible but still otherwise active note leaving scope for all sorts of unintended outcomes. for example, a transparent note could happily form a composite if at visible note were moved next to it.

To a new user, a question a would ask is why do you need hide some notes? Is it simply copying a behaviour you learned using [some other app]? The point if the question is that there may be a way to achieve the gaol behind the request, albeit via a different approach - the method of moving notes to another container (as above) notwithstanding.

Anyway, welcome to the Tinderbox community!

… as I mentioned, above, agree

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Thanks @mwra for welcoming me…
My approach is to set me a couple of task and to try to solve them somehow.
This is my way to learn new Tools.
It´s not really necessary to hide or un-hide a Note.

Understood. Welcome, though, and do ask questions as they arise. Don’t overlook the two PDF tutorials available via the app’s Help menu and , as a reference on how features work, see my aTbRef.

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