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Hide note from map

is there an attribute to hide a note in the map view? I don’t want to display the “technical” stuff like prototypes in the map.

I don’t know of one myself but would welcome the opportunity to turn on/off display of notes in Map View as a way of filtering complex maps and focus on subsets of notes.


Not directly, but setting Separator to true hides a note in Map View (e.g. via Properties Inspector > Prototype > Separator).

To “hide” several notes you could move them inside a container, then set the container’s Separator to true.

One thing to recognize when doing this is if you slip the Templates directory into the separator container then you’ll need to change the Paths for the templates.

The isn’t a single tick-box but you can set a transparent $Color, zero border, $NameColor. Sorry, on a call so don’t recall all settings but they are easily found. A prototype with all those settings might be useful (assuming no attributes are already set).

Sorry, had an outage (now back online). This seem to do the trick, here is a note and an adornment:

In both cases, the objects were default in a new TBX. The only settings changed were $Color and $NameColor. I used the Appearance Inspector to make the changes but i show the values used here as Displayed Attributes:

Of course if you’ve customised border, fill or shadow settings they may need attention. The about is for plain-vanilla defaults in a new doc. Assuming your notes/adornments don’t customise other fill/border elements, you could ass a user Boolean IsHidden and have a stamp like so (broken onto lots of lines for clarity—indents & line-breaks are not needed for actual use):


IOW, in ‘one-line’ form:


But of course, what about links!

Even if the link is untitled, tyou would still see the link line. Link visibility is normally set, doc-wide, at link type scope in the Links Inspector. You may, override this at individual link level, in a note’s Browse Links. But, the latter does outbound links. To hide inbound links you’d need to find the source note and use Browse Links in the source note. Although the source note still needs needs to be selected, another way to edit the links is via the link controls where clicking a link’s ‘i’ control essentially opens Browse Links a different way. There is no automation method to control these settings.

TL;DR :-

  • making a note or adornment ‘invisible’ pretty simple
  • hiding all in/outbound links to/from such notes is do-able but not with ease.

I don’t want to display the “technical” stuff like prototypes in the map.

I prefer to minimize the impact of “technical” details by putting them into one or two containers, and to tuck those containers into the upper left-hand corner of the map. That keeps them out of the way, while giving you a chance to get to them when you need to.

Alternatively, I sometimes will have a “Workspace” container where I build the map, and a “Backstage” container with the technical details. This is a good idea as a rule!

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If sometimes we get an attribute $ShowOnMap I would be very happy :wink:
Otherwise the solution offered by Mark will do it for me!

To put the container into a corner of the map was the strategy I followed until today.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

P.S.: sorry to hear that beside having no gasoline, no drivers for the lorries… now the internet is getting the Brexit blues too in GB :wink:

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Yes, we are told we are “still winning” :frowning:

Supermarkets shelves are daily looking less GBR and more DDR (for those old enough to remember). Grocery shopping, even in a major port city, is now more of a case of “No X but lots of Y. What can I make with Y?”. Still, we British are supposed to love queuing, so I guess we’re about to get the chance. :roll_eyes:

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