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Hook and Tinderbox - Follow-up to Today's (Feb 19) Meetup

A question was asked in today’s meetup whether using Hook you can automatically create a Tinderbox note with a link to a document. It seems the intention is the note “stands in” for the document (or a specific part of a document) and it can be used as a reference or “footnote” within Tinderbox.

A simple solution I suggest is with the Pro version of Hook you can while reviewing a document or web page create a Hook file. Hook creates this file in a folder you designate. If you set your Tinderbox document to “Watch” that Hook folder, then Tinderbox creates a note for each Hook file in that folder. (You will now have a Tinderbox container note at the top level of your document that itself holds a set of notes representing each Hook file.) Each note has a clickable link back to the web page or document (in the “File” attribute). From then on every added Hook file shows up as a note in Tinderbox.


or try out this solution :wink:


Thank you for the script.

Using your script, does the resulting note in Tinderbox have a reference to the web page or document where Hook was invoked? I did not find the attribute where is stored when I tried it out.

yes - the Hook link is there! Select the new note in TBX and open Hook again. Should show the link:

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Very cool.

I can see that Tinderbox users might prefer your solution. It is nice to have a second approach (watch Hook files folder), though.