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How can I use the book cover image and links from the book tab?

For years I’ve kept my fiction reading notes in Day One. I’m interested in Tinderbox as a better way to think with and wander through those notes. After playing with the Tinderbox demo, however, I have questions about book cover images and links.

I can enter an ISBN in the book tab (under Get Info) & Tinderbox will grab the book cover & links to Amazon, Goodreads, etc. Can I use that information within the note body?

Ideally, I would like the note to show the cover image in the map view. I can copy & paste the book tab’s cover image into the note body & achieve that, but other forum posts seem to discourage that practice, saying it will increase tbx file size. Is there any other way for that book cover to show up in map view? And can I import the Goodreads & Amazon links into the note body?

Additionally, can I include that cover image (as well as the Goodreads/Amazon links) when I create an HTML export of my book notes? I’ve read through the Tinderbox Help & atbref, but I haven’t been able to determine how I can access & use that book tab information. Thanks!

The data in Get Info is described here. As per that the image is drawn from Amazon and thus may not be available for free re-use. The clickable links (Amazon, Goodreads, etc.) appear to be auto-generated links using the ISBN provided but aren’t stored in an attribute - AFAICT. I’d suggest emailing info@eastgate.com with a feature request (we’re just fellow users of the app here).

HTML export? Yes. HTML export is user configured so the process you described isn’t a ‘canned’ menu option. You’d need to decide where the image is stored and what info you want. But, yes, do-able.

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Images can be pasted directly onto a map, to make an image adornment. Or, they can be paste in the text of a note, and if the image is the first thing in the note, it will fill the note in a map:

I wouldn’t be too concerned about images in a file, but do keep an eye on size. For example. The image in the file from which the above screenshot was made added 17MB to the file – approx. 8.5MB for each of the two images. The image file itself was 2 MB – Tinderbox converting the .jpg into an encoded representation in the .xml does add a lot of data.

I believe that the cover images can be used for most contexts. Certainly within your own notes they’re fine. As I recall, there is case law in the US that holds that book covers are not subject to copyright in any case.