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How do I change the font size of an attribute?

I have a user attribute of the type number.
I want to change the size of the number when displayed in the attribute box but font controls don’t appear to effect it.
Can we control the size and if so how?


You can’t, at least not currently.

Why do you want to?

Make it easier to see. Not that I can’t see it but the number appears small to my eyes (much older than yours I’ll bet :wink:) and I notice I’m taking a moment to focus on the number. My immediate instinct was to increase the size of the font.
Thanks for letting me know.

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So, it would be adequate to increase the size for all items in the key attributes table?

Sorry if I interfere, yes with regard to myself - even for me the age does not bring benefits to the eyes - it would be fantastic a chance to increase the size of the font.

  • Marco.

I would be glad of such a feature too. It could be clamped to a few fixed values, like small, medium and large.

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Looks like my reply didn’t materialize here so:

Yes, it would be adequate to increase the size for all items in the table.
Of course we consumers always want more so I liked the suggestion of “small”, “medium”, and “large”.

We’re testing this now; I rather like the big-print version on my 27" screen, but expect that keeping the table small will be popular for laptops.

I can use this attribute The size attribute of <font> is not supported in HTML5. Use CSS instead. CSS syntax: <p style=" font - size :20px">. CSS Example: Set the size. Check it on https://babasupport.org/hp/hp-laptop-touchpad-not-working/

In Tinderbox 7.5, you can now adjust the size of the key attributes table by choosing your preferred size in the Window ▸ Key Attributes menu.