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How do I export a custom color scheme?

I have a TBX doc with a custom color scheme that I would like to use in other documents. But I don’t remember how I created the color scheme or which colors I modified. So I would like to export the color scheme (as a .tbc file maybe?) and import it into an existing TBX.

How do I do that?
Thanks for your help.

Reviewing my aTbRef notes, I find them out of date. Although ‘.tbc’ files can still be used, and are stored in Tinderbox’s app support folder’s color schemes subfolder (here). However, the instructions re saving TBC files (here) are out of date and relate to v5.

I’d assume you’d export a TBC file from the Colors Inspector but there appears to me no such option. Pinging @eastgate who may have a better answer.

Once you have a TBC file and place in in the ‘color schemes’ folder, restart Tinderbox and the scheme becomes accessible through the Colors tab of the document’s Document Settings dialog (Cmd+8).

Do you want to use the color scheme in existing documents, or to create new documents with the same color scheme?

An easy approach to the latter is to make a copy of the document, delete all the notes, and dig in…

Thank you, Mark. That explains why although I dimly remember reading instructions, I can’t find anything now that works.

Existing documents with lots of notes and other custom settings and things I don’t remember. It’s been a long time since I used the documents. I want to start working with them again, but I don’t like the color scheme.

Thanks for your help.