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How Do I Recreate A Note With Multiple Tags?

I am migrating my Zettelkasten from Obsidian to Tinderbox. Many of my notes have a tag property that contains multiple values like so:

tags: climate, Africa, disasters

How can I create that in Tinderbox? I found the “Tags” attribute but it seems to only take one value. Do I need to create new attributes such as Tag1, Tag2, Tag 3 etc etc?

Hello and welcome to our community!
$Tags attribute has a ‘set’ data type, so it can handle multiple values — all of them need to be separated by " ; " character.
Could you share with us a sample note? It would make easier to help you :wink:

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You may find it helpful to display the Tags attribute as a Displayed Attribute in your note(s). You can do this per note, but better is to customise a prototype and make the other notes use the prototype’s Displayed Attributes table as their own.

I don’t know if Obsidian supports basic interchange formats like Tab-delimited or CSV but using such a style of import might make you’re import much faster (see here and here).

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What an awesome and responsive community! @ShiJianhui Thanks. The “;” worked! @mwra Yes, I’ll customise a prototype. Thanks for the idea. It will make my life simpler. Re the CSV import, I’ll look into it. I’ve been dragging and dropping notes from the Finder into Tinderbox and it seems to work fine…

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Sure, and I appreciate Obsidian is essentially a cluster of note files. I guess the number of notes is the pivot around which the extra effort for doing a combined effort makes sense. In Tinderbox, there is rarely one right way, so what you’re going is fine - even if only to get you started and figure out what features you can/can’t find. Note that (my) aTbRef—to which I linked above—by design tells you what things are or what they are for. If stuck on the how, ask here! It’s tempting moving from app A to app B to frame questions in where is the [app A feature?" but that often has no direct translation. A bit of info of what outcome you are trying to achieve is good context, or just relate what you did, what you expected and what you unexpectedly got! :slight_smile:

Thanks @mwra In terms of context, the reason why I am testing Tinderbox is this:

I write screenplays for a living and novels when time allows. In the conceptualisation stage of each fiction project, which is where the initial thinking occurs, I throw out a whole bunch of ideas. Each idea is an MD file that I can edit in Obsidian, and using tags, I can view ideas that are related by tags. However, Obsidian offers extremely limited visualisation options. You can barely play around with different views. This for me seems to be the main drawcard of Tinderbox over Obsidian. I’m playing with the different views whilst going through @satikusala 's awesome tutorials (while on deadline to deliver a script, LOL!). I’ve also hunted around this forum for any tutorials that specifically address “brainstorming” or finding “emergent” structures or “connections”. Having searched the forum for those terms above in " ", I haven’t found any directly relevant tutorials… but I’m realising it’s probably because Tinderbox can do so many things. Even from the interviews with the German author and the Brazilian filmmaker that @satikusala did, I realised that with creative writing there are vastly different uses for the same app…

Hey @fidel let’s setup a side conversation and discuss. I’ve got some examples that will blow you mind! I too am writing books, courses, rendering and re-constructing ideas. Constantly. I’ll DM you.

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