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How do PDFs from Devonthink actually work in TB?

When I drag a PDF file from DT3 into TBX, it creates a note with, I presume, the entire file embedded in it. The note has several metadata imported as well, such as the x-devonthink-item:// link and timestamps, etc, and you can see the first page of the PDF.

But how do I read the PDF beyond the first page? If this isn’t possible, what’s the logic behind importing the entire file? Or is it just the first page that’s imported?


Olá Beck:

A few questions … no answers:

  • are you saving the PDF in TB as a store of record?
  • are you presuming that a local copy of your PDF document will amplify the capabilities of TB? If so how?

in my workflow I would store the item link into TB and open the content in DT - reader and PDF search provided outside of TB


Olá Mark,

The PDF is saved in DT3 as a store of record and that’s where I read and annotate it. I would prefer the PDF was not included, but I don’t think that’s possible. I do like that the first page shows, though, which is why I don’t just create a note and link it. Here’s the use case today, but there are many such cases in my work:

I’m writing a paper about a qualitative research study and am listing what I will do to establish trustworthiness. This includes several concepts such as thick descriptions and member checking and peer auditing. I have created a map of trustworthiness and it links to notes for each of the phrases above. I would like to have those notes drill down into a map of papers. So that clicking on thick description would show me a bunch of papers that directly mention and support it. In the TB notes for each paper, I’ll list direct quotes.

I can do this with notes for sure, and from some perspectives that would be best (drag the reference from Bookends, for example). But where I am right now, I want the visual potential of a bunch of papers scattered across a map to jog my memory and help the literature stand out in my mind.


Paul, I’m not watching a folder. Does this still answer apply to my question in a way I’m misunderstanding?

We’re fouling up the pdf handling here and importing an image. Should be fixed shortly.

TBH, this is a fine solution for my purposes.

But good to know. I’ll also be curious to see what the feature looks like when un-fouled up.

It’ll work as dragging pdf files from the Finder into Tinderbox currently works.

Just did this, interesting. It seems like the thing I want to have happen is actually the fouled up function. :upside_down_face: