How does the agent display child notes?

I have created an agent, and the filtering prototype is “全部正确”

Where q í, f ē I is a child note, but in the agent query, it becomes a parent note. How can I keep it as the original child note structure?

I use it to learn Chinese Pinyin. I recall whether it is correct or not by expanding and folding my notes. When the memory is correct, this note will be automatically moved to “all correct(全部正确)” without having to remember again.

An agent shows aliases of the original notes. Because aliases can’t have child notes an agent will always show a flat list, so what you’re looking for is not possible.


If you wish to view the text of the child notes of an agent, then you’d view the selected note in Preview. This affordance of an alias can come in VERY handy when writing complex reports.

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