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How does the Darkmode work

When I open my tinderbox app in the evening, I see a perfect dark mode on. Check screenshot.

But then when I open my older notes created during the day, they are bright and hurt the eye. So I try to change the textcolor and the text backgroundcolor. Which sometimes fails to apply or there is a bug. Check screenshot.
Screenshot 2021-09-14 at 10.37.05 PM

How can I work in dark mode and not waste time, setting the background color of individual notes so I can work late nights.

Is there a system-wide dark mode? If not, how do I change the backgrondcolor of all my notes at once?

The Tinderbox color scheme inheres to the document, so each document has a color scheme. You can, if you like, save dark and light variants of a color scheme and apply those; some of the built-in schemes already do this.

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Today the dark mode is working! Woohoo!