How is "suggested" determined in Window-->Links

If I am in a file, using Outline View, and click on Window, then Links, at the bottom of the text window (the one on the right side of the screen), there is a new set of boxes
Inbound Links, Outbound Links, and Suggested. Under Suggested there may be several suggested notes to look at. Sometimes the material is worthwhile, other times not so much. QUESTION: How are the ‘links’ under “Suggested” determined. What kind of algorithm gets them placed there.
Many thanks
Don Spady

This is currently a slightly-modified tf-idf ranking of the textual similarities among substrings of the texts of the two notes.

In rough terms, Tinderbox compares the name and text of the note to the name and text of other notes, looking for matching substrings. It weights substrings more heavily if they’re rare: matching “Madison” is a big deal, but matching “there” is not.

This may change in the future.

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