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How many badges per note?

Hi folks,
Can a note display more than one badge? If so, how is this achieved and what is the max number of badges? I have a Map view with various people in it. The more powerful people have a power outlet symbol to show they are, well, powerful/influential. But I’d also like to show - say with a $ badge - which people control a P&L budget. These will sometimes overlap. And indeed, a number of other, further attributes are suitable for iconic depiction. But my original badge is swapped out every time I try to add a new one…

A badge is the notes badge, singular. There can only be noe. However, you might find Note Flags on use as you can have multiples of these. Flag design is limited in range or artwork but does still allow for a large amount of choice.

As a side note, and from experience, consider putting some of this data into (user) attributes and showing as KA. Maps offer a lot of visual affordances. But, even with care, generous use of multiple types of colouring/shading/badging/shape/etc., can create a lot of visual noise.

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One approach is to place emojis or other graphic symbols at the head of the text of a note. This will display on the map:


Or use “Caption” or “Subtitle” for your graphical indicators.


Brilliant Paul…easy to do and creates a nice contextual feel to my notes.

From someone that does not generally use emojis, this is one of the best use cases I have heard for using regularly in my tinderbox notes.



Glad you’ll find this useful.

BTW, you don’t have to use emoji. Caption accepts other images of reasonable size – so you can use your own icons or browse the Tinderbox.app package (with care) and use the built in badge icons.

And adding icons to Caption is a good case for stamps or agents, too.

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If you expect to need multiple visual cues, consider $Flags — it’s a cool feature that’s not used a ton.