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How many notes and words is too many?

This TBX won’t work (see image) and is constantly stalling (not responding) and seems to have affected my entire machine. Is it too big? If it too big it is because, when I drag a PDF into it, it doesn’t just make a $File link, it also tries to import all of the text from what are large PDFs. How do I stop it. My entire workflow is now TBX based and I’d like to get it working. And, when it crashes, how do I send you a crash report (might I have switched that off).



2021-02-09 Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 20.16.49

See: Using OS X Finder to locate Crash and Hang logs.

It might be useful to contact support (info@eastgate.com). If your document is really big, compress it (‘compress’ on Finder right-click menu). If still really big for email, consier a dropbox/icloud/etc. type of cloud link as support may need to take a look at your file.

You can always delete the imported pdf text. Or, instead of dragging the pdf to Tinderbox, make a new note and drag the pdf into the note’s $File attribute.

I don’t think Tinderbox can affect your entire machine unless it’s active, and it’s very unlikely to affect it when it’s in the background.