How to Add Visible Tags or Labels in Tinderbox Map View?

Hello Tinderbox community,

I’m looking for advice on how to effectively add tags or labels to notes in the Map view. I’d like these tags to be always visible and highlighted for easy identification. Currently, I’ve tried two methods, but neither is ideal:

  1. Adding a new line with tag in the note itself:
    Pro: Simple to implement
    Con: The tag isn’t highlighted or visually distinct
  2. Using prototypes:
    Pro: Can be customized
    Con: Only visible when the note is selected

My questions are:

  1. Is there a way to highlight or visually emphasize #tags added within notes in the Map view?
  2. Can prototypes be set to always display, even when notes aren’t selected?
  3. Are there any other methods to add always-visible, distinct tags or labels to notes in the Map view?

I’m open to any suggestions or workarounds that could help achieve this functionality. Your insights would be greatly appreciated!

As Tinderbox maps have a large number of visualisation methods, it might be worth clarifying context on a couple of things here as it affects the possible answer(s). Some map tell-backs:

What isn’t clear is whether you are trying to highlight the ‘tag’ in $Text or on/in the map icon. If a note icon is large enough, (some of) the $Text is shown, but not the full $Text unless it is short and the map icon very big. Also not all style shown in $Text are rendered in the map icon, e.g. highlighted text.

If you want to highlight ‘tag’ words in $Text see the Highlighters method:

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Perhaps the OP might explain what they mean by “tag” and “label”. These terms are used in many many applications, almost always with a different meaning. Providing specific examples of other apps that use “tags” and “labels” in the manner the OP wants to use them in Tinderbox would also help. Otherwise, we’ll continue to throw stuff on the wall and see if it sticks.

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The vegetables and electronic product here are a label


With this tag, I can tag the attributes of the note. I noticed that Tinderbox also has tags, but I didn’t know how to display them directly and prominently in the tinderbox map view. There is also the prototype, which is mostly hidden rather than shown directly.

A simple method is putting the value(s) of $Tags into the subtitle. Here’s an example, using a rule in a prototype.

CleanShot 2024-06-26 at 18.45.43@2x

Subtitle Tags.tbx (146.9 KB)

It’s not clear what the context is where prototpes should “always display”. Do you want all the notes on the map to announce “This is my prototype named …”? I suppose you could add a rule


and get this:

CleanShot 2024-06-26 at 18.51.32@2x


And if I’m not mistaken, if you set your caption as a system attribute — a $Tag, for instance —, your caption is automatically archived as an element of your index and not only as a piece of your design:


I’m wrong: in fact, $Caption is of course an attribute system:


I just wanted to emphasize the fact that, with Mindnode or XMind you seem to use, you can’t set your subtitles as a part of an index.